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About Ashington

About Ashington


Living in Ashington

Ashington, located in Northumberland, England, is a town with a rich industrial history, particularly in coal mining.

Over recent years, Ashington has undergone significant redevelopment, making it an increasingly desirable place to live. The town offers a mix of modern amenities and historical charm, with good transport links to nearby cities like Newcastle.

Ashington offers a balanced lifestyle with access to natural beauty, such as the nearby Northumberland coast, and essential urban amenities. The town’s strong community spirit and ongoing development projects, combined with the enhanced connectivity from the Northumberland Line, make it an attractive place to settle for families, professionals, and retirees alike.

Key Amenities

Key Amenities

  • Shopping: Ashington has a variety of shops, including supermarkets, independent stores, and a weekly market.
  • Education: The area boasts several primary and secondary schools, with notable institutions such as Ashington Academy.
  • Healthcare: Ashington offers several healthcare facilities, including GP practices and dental clinics.
  • Leisure: Residents can enjoy facilities like the Ashington Leisure Centre, Hirst Park, and Wansbeck Riverside Park. The town also has a strong sporting community, with clubs for football, rugby, and cricket.
Transport Links

Transport Links

  • Road: Ashington is accessible via the A189 and A197, connecting it to the A1 and Newcastle.
  • Bus: There are regular bus services to Newcastle, Morpeth, and Blyth.
  • Rail: The re-opening of the Northumberland Line is set to significantly improve rail links to Newcastle by 2024.

The Northumberland Line and Its Impact on the Property Market

The Northumberland Line, which is expected to reopen by 2024, will reinstate passenger rail services between Newcastle and Ashington, enhancing connectivity and reducing commute times. The new rail service is projected to have several positive effects on the property market in Ashington.

Impact on Property Sales and Prices:

  • Increased Demand: Improved transport links make Ashington more attractive to commuters working in Newcastle, leading to increased demand for properties.
  • Price Appreciation: Enhanced accessibility is likely to result in a rise in property prices, particularly for homes near the new train stations.
  • Investment Opportunities: The reopening of the line presents opportunities for property investors, with expected growth in property values and rental yields.

Impact on the Rental Market:

  • Higher Rental Demand: Better connectivity may attract more tenants, including professionals who prefer to live in Ashington and commute to Newcastle.
  • Potential Rent Increases: The increased demand for rental properties could drive up rental prices, benefiting landlords.

Market Trends

  • Property prices in Ashington have been gradually increasing, reflecting broader trends in the North East housing market.
  • The impending Northumberland Line has already started to boost market interest, anticipating future connectivity benefits.
  • The rental market in Ashington is competitive, with a high demand for rental properties.
  • There is a noticeable demand for affordable rental homes among young professionals and families, which is expected to rise further with the new train line.
Notable Developments

Notable Developments

  • New Housing Developments: Several new housing developments are underway, aimed at providing modern, energy-efficient homes.
  • Regeneration Projects: Ashington has seen various regeneration projects, including improvements to the town center and infrastructure upgrades.


Ashington (NE63) is a vibrant town with a growing housing market, characterized by increasing property values and a competitive rental market. The upcoming Northumberland Line is set to significantly enhance transport links, further boosting the property market. With its rich history, good amenities, and strategic location, Ashington continues to be an appealing option for both buyers and renters in Northumberland.

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